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    The Art Syndicate is a new wave art collective based in a newly renovated warehouse in St Peters, Sydney which specialises in street art and media.

    They also house a 1000 strong catalogue of incredible original vintage posters for rent or sale, many that are unique and haven’t been seen in decades.

    The Art Syndicate also helps street and mural artists transition to canvas and other medias, bringing the exterior art world inside and onto gallery walls.

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    February 23 – 
    March 12, 2023
    The Art Syndicate is excited to present Wanting To See, an exhibition of works by contemporary American photographers Kyle Hoffman, Lexy Potts, Jon Setter, and Brian Vu. Emotive, vibrant, and brimming with interpretive possibility, the exhibition is a celebration of perspective. This multi-generational, multi-ethnic group of artists epitomise the power of the photographer’s lens to express that which cannot be put into words. …
    December 02 – 
    December 23, 2022
    The Art Syndicate is proud to bring you the work of Jon Setter. On display from Friday December 2nd to 23rd. Please join us Friday for a wonderful evening surrounded by the fantastic work produced by Jon Setter. A selection of locally sourced refreshments will be provided. With over 20 framed works on offer this show by the internationally renowned Jon Setter is …
    November 11 – 
    November 25, 2021
    Written by: Constanza Ontiveros Valdés Art is one of the most powerful tools for making sense of the world that surrounds us and for coping with life’s most challenging experiences. The transformational potential of art, and particularly of painting, is evidenced in Nicole Welsh´s exhibition at the Art Syndicate Gallery, in Sydney, where this young emerging artist presents a series of blue-coloured figurative …
    October 11 – 
    November 11, 2021
    Kill Bill Posters Volume 1: Movie Poster Masterpieces   We Are Rolling Out the Red Carpet The Art Syndicate would like to cordially invite you and a partner to attend the opening of the Kill Bill Posters Volume 1: Movie Poster Masterpieces Exhibition.   The Exhibit Includes: James Bond, King Kong, Gigi, Lolita, the Blues Brothers, Star Wars, Easy Rider and much more… …
    Art and climate change: artists-activists By Constanza Ontiveros Valdés Art is no stranger to the…
    “Propaganda posters are not only graphically powerful and aesthetically mesmerizing, but they also offer an…
    John Foy’s legacy: How the Sydney designer shaped the look of punk-rock posters during two…
    The development of the individual depends on meeting people from different walks of life, and…


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