About Us.

The Art Syndicate is a new wave art collective based in a newly renovated warehouse in St Peters, Sydney which specializes in street art and media.

Hundreds of Vintage Poster Collection

We house a 1000 strong catalog of incredible original vintage posters for rent or sale, many that are unique and haven’t been seen in decades. The Art Syndicate also helps street and mural artists transition to canvas and other media, bringing the exterior art world inside and onto gallery walls.

Our vintage poster collection ranges from film and television, fashion, travel, and wartime propaganda dating from contemporary times to the beginning of the 1900s with the earliest being 1850.

There is an air of impermanence regarding posters because they are considered throwaway items but they actually offer a cultural insight into norms of the past century. Their only purpose is to be decorative and insightful reminders of the past, an artistic form of historiography.

Gallery owner Saxon Strauss believes there is a stigma that advertising can’t be seen as art and he wants to break down those barriers and help bridge the gap between the street art world and the fine art world. He thinks advertising has an agenda but artistic merit is sometimes forgotten especially in older works.

Among our roster of artists that we represent is street artist Alex Lehours who has designed and hand-painted the side of the gallery with his own unique artistic approach.

Saxon is a keen patron of the arts and an investor in Australian film and art projects. He has an upcoming Executive Producer role on James Chappell’s new short film ‘Shelly’ starring Gary Sweet.

James Chappell is an ARIA Award-Winning Director and artist in residence who has a prolific career directing music videos for artists like Tiesto, The Bloody Beetroots, Guy Sebastian, Art vs Science, and Samantha Jade.


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