Myrrhine Fabricius

Biography Myrrhine Fabricius

Myrrhine Fabricius is an artist and transdisciplinary designer. She enjoys collaborating with others to deliver unexpected work based on unique briefs. Myrrhine has completed two murals; a Bicentenary mural for Worn out Wares and an interior warehouse mural for Herb Urban.

At the start of this year, Myrrhine exhibited at the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) alongside fellow artists in an exhibition titled, “Contemporary Collage.” She has been a member of Sydney Collage Society since 2018, making her debut in their group show, ‘Translations’ at VANDAL in March 2019.

Myrrhine uses collage as a way to express the every day and to document ephemeral moments she encounters in urban and natural environments.

She creates textures, colours and images that come together to suggest something about the spaces we inhabit. Using both digital and analog methods to do so, she makes it her mission to work across varying scales and multiple mediums, using her artistic practice to inform all creative projects under her business, studio NELM.

She recently joined fjmtstudio as an architectural graduate and visual communications team member. Her transdisciplinary approach to design continues to evolve as she finds ways to blur the line between art and architecture.

Myrrhine Fabricius was born in England and moved to Sydney after spending her early years in Chicago. She moved to Newcastle to study a masters of architecture and now splits her time between both places.
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