Nicole Welsh

Biography Nicole Welsh

Australian based artist, Nicole Welsh, is an emerging painter and student at the National Art School whom depicts important and emotional concepts through symbolism and the human figure. With a wide variety of approach to painting and style, they tackle each concept with the intent to provide awareness on confrontational ideas to start conversations and trigger an emotional response. Their work is inspired by personal experience, storytelling and emotional output.

Nicole has explored issues in our society including domestic violence with their body of work The Nexus Between Coercion and Casualty, and been selected as a finalist in the Blacktown City Art Prize with their work Still Human, which addresses on issues surrounding discrimination towards the Transgender community.

The Artist’s creative process begins with a feeling or an experience from self or others, and uses that as the foundation for their work. Followed by various techniques to visualize these themes such as automatism, symbolism and experimentation, Nicole takes a different approach to each painting in order to achieve the clearest conceptual message and emotional response necessary.

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