Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted


The Art Syndicate is proud to debut the exhibition BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED curated by, Saxon Strauss.

A long-time vintage poster collector, Saxon Strauss believes there is a stigma that ‘advertising can’t be seen as art’ and he wants to break down those barriers, bridging the gap between street art and the fine art world.

Saxon is of the opinion that ‘advertising has an agenda’, but with that agenda the artistic merit is sometimes forgotten, especially in older work. Posters today exist as ‘cultural ephemera’ as we often forget about those pinned to a teenager’s bedroom wall – they are now relegated as placeholder art for framing companies and the auction room. Gone are their relevance and cultural importance.

BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED is a collection of vintage posters and advertising influenced by 60’s pop culture and artistic trends that have influenced contemporary art and advertising. The theme leans into the nostalgia, vibrancy and uncertainty that encapsulated this period of time.

BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED invites you to explore historical recurrence and acknowledge the parallel lives of those who experienced and contributed to the swinging 60’s. The zeitgeist of the 60’s is now having a midlife crisis, exemplified in today’s news coverage, reality TV, social media, politics, popularism. The installation of vintage posters will celebrate and challenge the values and art of this era all whilst drawing parallels to our present day.

BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED will debut within pop up space ROOM 205 Oxford Street from 15 November to XXX December 2020.

For more information on the exhibition, for interviews with the curator or for art prices, please contact Saxon Strauss on 0416258963 or

About Saxon Strauss: Curator: Saxon Strauss has degrees in nursing and engineering from University of Glasgow and Plymouth University and is keen patron of the arts and an active supporter of Australian film and art projects.

About The Art Syndicate: The Art Syndicate is a new wave art collective based in a newly renovated warehouse in St Peters, Sydney which specialises in street art and media. They also house a 1000 strong catalogue of incredible original vintage posters for rent or sale, many that are unique and haven’t been seen in decades. The Art Syndicate also helps street and mural artists transition to canvas and other medias, bringing the exterior art world inside and onto gallery walls.


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