General Faqs

Vintage posters were the go to advertising medium from the late 1800s till the computer age. Commissioned by advertisers using the best graphic designers and artists of the day to sell their wares everything from art exhibitions to exotic travel destinations.

Posters are predominantly printed using stone lithography however offset printing was also quite popular, often with movie posters or when photographic images are required.

We sell authentic posters made from the time it was first recreated, the original print run. None of our posters are reproductions. Many of our stock are the only surviving examples in the world. Most of our stock are advertising materials originating from Europe however we have many local examples too.

You may have noticed that in our poster descriptions we have mentioned that they are linen backed.

Linen backing is the preferred archival method for conservation and preservation of posters. This is especially important when the poster is damaged or been folded as it protects them from mishandling, tearing, or further wear at fold lines. Further more the process stabilizes the posters and prevents degradation from oxidization and acids which are prevalent in older paper. Firstly the poster is mounted on archival acid free paper, the poster and paper are then mounted on to Belgian linen.

As an archival process linen backing is of course reversible. An expert conservator will be able to remove the poster from the backing and remount it with relative ease.

Linen Backed posters will usually sell for more in auctions, scanning auction archives and sorting results from high to low will almost always reveal this fact.

Finally linen backing removes fold lines and results in a properly flat mounting which looks excellent in a frame If your posters are not mounted in a frame they can be easily stored rolled up.

We don’t frame but we can organise framing and delivery for you

We can try and source what you are looking for. Reach out to our team via our Contact Page to let us know what you’re after.

Shipping Faqs

Yes, we ship to most international countries.

Shipping fees vary from country to country. please refer to our shipping policy for a table for breakdowns. Metropolitan areas in Australia are mostly the same a slight premium for rural and remote locations. international prices vary. Please note that this does not include country taxes or duties which may or may not be incurred from your country’s border custom control agency.

All international shipments can be tracked using the tracking code included in a confirmation email we will send after payments have been processed.

Orders are usually processed and shipped in 1 to 3 business days after the order date.

We will send a confirmation email when the order has been shipped which will include a tracking number and link to the post office website.

Shipping durations vary from country to country, however, one can usually expect to receive their parcel within 7-14 days.

We only take returns if the items was not sold as described, we do not issue refunds or exchange for change of mind or unwanted gifts.

Please understand that these posters can be extremely old and undoubtedly show signs of aging though slight nicks, stamps( government approved poster etc), tears, stains, sun fade etc.

Believe it or not these signs of aging are some of the best ways to ensure the ephemeral nature of the art. High resolution photos have been made available to examine the artwork in detail to assess the posters true condition. Please bear in mind very few posters are 100% mint condition.


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