John Kaldor: shaping public art in Australia and beyond

 The Art Syndicate Staff Writer: Constanza Ontiveros Valdés “If the story of modern and contemporary art in Australia had a defining moment, it was the very first Kaldor project.” -Edmund Capon, Former Director, Art Gallery of NSW (1940-2019).   John Kaldor is a contemporary art collector and patron, and an undisputable visionary. More so, he […]

Jean Michel Basquiat: the man, the artist, the legend

The Art Syndicate Staff writer: Constanza Ontiveros Valdés “I’m not a real person, I’m a legend.” -Basquiat   Basquiat’s name is attached to the short and tragically ended career of a young self-taught artist that tasted sudden fame and whose celebrity skyrocketed after his death. His life has been featured in documentaries and movies, museums […]