The Nexus Between Coercion and Casualty

Written by: Constanza Ontiveros Valdés Art is one of the most powerful tools for making sense of the world that surrounds us and for coping with life’s most challenging experiences. The transformational potential of art, and particularly of painting, is evidenced in Nicole Welsh´s exhibition at the Art Syndicate Gallery, in Sydney, where this young […]

KILL BILL POSTERS: Movie poster masterpieces.

Kill Bill Posters Volume 1: Movie Poster Masterpieces   We Are Rolling Out the Red Carpet The Art Syndicate would like to cordially invite you and a partner to attend the opening of the Kill Bill Posters Volume 1: Movie Poster Masterpieces Exhibition.   The Exhibit Includes: James Bond, King Kong, Gigi, Lolita, the Blues […]

I Am There, Not Here

displace “remove to a different place, put out of the usual place; remove from any position, office, or dignity” We are all suffering at the moment in one way or another due to the recent changes brought on by a global pandemic. Some of these changes may be good, others may be bad but we […]

Gregory Uzelac: Nice Is Different Than Good

With its first foray into the contemporary, The Art Syndicate is pleased to present Nice is Different Than Good the Sydney debut of New York multimedia artist Gregory Uzelac. In lieu of the usual art speak, here are Uzelac’s thoughts on the collection: From Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Into the Woods’ to Christopher Nolan’s ’Batman Begins’ to […]

Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted

The Art Syndicate is proud to debut the exhibition BILL POSTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED curated by, Saxon Strauss. A long-time vintage poster collector, Saxon Strauss believes there is a stigma that ‘advertising can’t be seen as art’ and he wants to break down those barriers, bridging the gap between street art and the fine art […]